Thursday, 6 December 2012

10 more reasons why plastic surgery is not for the weak

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1. 10 days after you have your surgery*, you will return to the hospital to have your stitches taken out. It won't hurt because you no longer have sensation in your stomach area.
2. At four weeks you will return for a check up to be told that 'most people' are back at work by now and 'most people' are back exercising. What is wrong with you?
3. At six weeks post-op you will still wear an abdominal band to support your stomach muscles because they are still non-existent.
4. And you still have to wonder every time you laugh hysterically or cough if you will 'pop a stitch'.
5. You will walk with a stoop well past the four week mark.
6. You will need to consider buying shares in a pilates studio.
7. Your children will freak out when they see your stomach. You look like a magic trick gone wrong with a slash from hip to hip.
8. You will freak out when you see your stomach. Apart from the identity crisis with your new belly button, you really do look like a magic trick gone wrong with that scar.
9. You will no longer know what to say when people discover you have four children and tell you how good you look.
10. Your flat stomach will only highlight your ample thighs.

* I had surgery to correct my massive hernia caused by twin pregnancy six weeks ago.


Melissa Lawrence said...

You poor thing. The sacrifices we make as parents is huge. I hope you are feeling more YOU soon.

Kate said...

ow...hope you feel better soon ^_^

Anonymous said...

Having twins kind of is a magic trick though, right? This sounds truly horrible, although I'm glad you're walking even if it is with a stoop. xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh lovely MM, as unfunny as most of that all sounds... you did make me giggle. I think you're incredibly brave to go through all of that pain... and a recovery that sounds ridiculously drawn out. Four weeks is a really long time, hope you're on the downhill stretch to full recovery now xo

sascedar said...

that is all extremely full on, really. the new belly button is enough to freak me out, but all that pain- and yet people do it by choice! hope you are feeling a whole lot better soon :)sarah

Miss Pink said...

This really has me worried about you. Has something gone wrong with the surgery or healing process?

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

You will walk straight again! I know just what you mean about that one. I was scared I 'd be hunched over permanently. Perfectly fine now. You will benefit a hundred percent soon I promise! You are only 6 weeks out of a very major op! Wish I was there to give a big hug! You have done so brilliantly with four kidlets to look after - it's a tough gig post op with a brood to look after not to mention this ridiculously crazy Christmas season!

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