Friday, 4 January 2013

A month of health: Camping

I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year than camping with family and friends. I really mean it. It is tops! You get all of the fun of a new year's celebration without the fuss or traffic.

Like last year, the Geege, the kids and I pottered off to camp on the Central Coast with a bunch of happy campers on December 27. Old friends, and new, bonding over some tarpology and the three 'S's'; sand, sun and surf.

It was fabulous. Daily swims, the odd bushwalk, and plenty of food and beverages highlighted by glow sticks, sparklers and solar lanterns. Harmonious happy kids, scooting, bike riding, and swimming until they dropped; sleeping like angels then cranking it all out again the next day. Wash and repeat. Their eyes are sparkling, their skin glowing. They look like they have been hugged by Summer.

I sat up late on the last night, regretfully saying goodbye to the gigantic sky full of twinkling stars, replaying the week's memories in my mind. The boys' first boogie board rides. The Minx mastering the scooter. The kids sneaking out of the tent on new year's eve to dance to Gangnam style. The extraordinary efforts of the group to create the perfect 'white night' to celebrate a 30th birthday. Backyard cricket. Composting. Lindt chocolate. Exploring the beach caves with the kids. The Geege having a Nanna nap in his camp chair. Truly magic.

The whole week served as a timely reminder that the key to happiness is spending time with people you love and living a healthy life. 2013 will be all about that for me. More socialising. More focus on health.

January will be dedicated to health on the blog too. I will organise my diet and exercise routine for the year, look at recipes for boosting mental health and looking for balance. I hope you will join me.

My first step towards a healthier life is my new year's resolution: No more lollies or chocolate (except fair trade, organic chocolate no more than once per week). So far so good.

So welcome to 2013. What did you do to start the year?


joeh said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate the new year....the beach is a little chilly here though.

Kelly Exeter said...

What a beautiful post Chris!

"They look like they have been hugged by summer"

It sounds like you guys have had the kind of holiday we all just loved when we were kids :)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect. We tried this last summer but Ruben refused to sleep in the tent. I ended up driving home each night (only 20 mins away) and joining the rest of the fam in the morning. We're going to try again soon, now that he's a little older.
Happy NY. xx

Maxabella said...

Happy new year sis! x

River said...

I'm with you on the sun, sand and surf, but forget about camping. I like my soft, non-sandy bed.
"They look like they have been hugged by Summer" is the best line in the whole post. The perfect description.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Sounds glorious! I love love camping! We camped last new year, but this year we needed a rest at home. We'll be back out there in march and over Easter though. It's just so good for the soul and your words make it seem all the more magical! Happy new year!

seana smith said...

Sounds magic. Here's to good health. I'm away just now with a mum who is vegan and an amazing, keen cook. It's heaven. And so healthy.

Luckily for me I loathe lollies... at least in my mind I do, I think I've told myself they are crappola so much I believe myself. Chocolate on the other hand is a huge love, but the good stuff. Not to be kept in the house.

I buy to share, with all the kids, we mums never get much.

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