Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A month of health: Headspace

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I had a conniption last night. While dining with the family at the end of a scorcher of a day, my eldest son, Nugget complained of a sore ear. The likely culprit was an ear infection. With much ado, I needed to take him to the emergency department to get him some medicine.

Dew Drop chucked a massive tantrum because he wanted to come. The Minx got upset because Dew Drop was screaming and clearly tired upset. Doo Dah also started crying because, in order to appease the overtired and loudly screaming Dew Drop, Gran had offered for him to stay with her until I had finished at the hospital, so Doo Dah wanted to too. It was stressful with a capital S.

Thankfully the family kicked into action. Kids were whisked wither and dither and grand sleeping arrangements made. The stop at the ED was remarkably short; diagnosis? Otitis externa.

I found myself at 9pm, lathered in my own sweat, feeling very haranged. My head was cluttered. My thoughts on fast forward and rewind at the same time.

When the cool change finally approached after the long hot day, I ventured off to bed and lay awake for some time thinking. Unwinding. Health is about so much more than the food that you eat and the exercise that you do. Mental health is a critical factor. Sleep is important. Emotional support essential.

Your ability to cope with the unexpected is very much tied to your own state of mind. When you are fresh, you can do anything. After three weeks on the move, out of routine and out of sorts, everything seems hard.

I was ready to pull up stumps and head back to the big smoke last night. But today, after a dose of some bad reality television, a good Irish book and a little sleep, I have managed to find my fresh approach. The world seems a little brighter again.

The key for me is rest. Having a break from the responsibility of parenting. Clearing my headspace by having time to myself. I only need a snippet, but without it I suffer.

What will you do today to clear your headspace?


Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

I think all parents need a snippet of space from time to time! I do!! With space comes clarity xx

Anonymous said...

Im hearing you...without good mental health suffers big time..for me it is key to keeping the anxiety, anger and depression at bay xx

River said...

I had easy kids to raise, so always slept well and had time for myself too.
I'm finding life more stressful now that I'm working, although only part-time, I'm just not getting enough sleep or me time. I seem to be forever rushing to catch a bus and spending time waiting at bus stops.
I don't handle working life well at all.
So on Fridays, I do the sleep, eat, read, thing all day, it seems to help.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I hear you! It only takes a snippet and then the batteries are charged for a wee bit longer.

Seana Smith said...

Always think that a little freedom goes a long way for mums.

I lay on the beach just gazing at the sea for a loooong time today, whilst five kids splashed and played. It was heaven, unexpected peace. And floating in the sea was good too.

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