Thursday, 24 January 2013

A month of health: Slow food

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The slow food movement grew in resistance to the fast food chains that sprang up and monopolised society's palate. It is in direct opposition of drive-through, multi-national convenience and reminds us that growing food is an art and we should appreciate our farmers for the contribution they make to our health.

Australian's started to get fat, really fat, when the likes of McDonald's started popping up on every corner. Like our American friends before us, we claimed our spot in the world's fattest nations, largely due, in my opinion, to having "fries with that".

I am out of the fast food game this year (except maybe on long road trips with the kids). For me, as I reconnect with real food, now is the perfect time to stick to buying locally grown, seasonal foods. The seasons provide the variety that I crave. Buying local means less travel miles which equates to fresher produce and less environmental impact. And when it comes to healthy eating, we all know fresh is best.

I frequent the local fresh produce market, buying local orange juice (when I don't make my own), getting locally produced breads and local meat from the local butcher. Our chickens produce our eggs and they are the best eggs in town. There is much more exploring to do to find local producers of other products like rice, wheat, and dairy.

The slow food movement also advocates for "taste education". Not only do we need to teach ourselves where our food comes from, but also take the time to truly enjoy the meal. Taste each bite. Chew each mouthful with vigour. Indulge in the sights and smells of our meals. I am still working on this. I am known to be a speed eater!

I have enjoyed a couple of lovely seasonal meals in the past week, cooked from scratch from vegetables grown in my local area.

Carrot and red lentil dahl

Zucchini, pea and potato soup

Absolutely the best thing I have done for my body in ages. Hands down.

You are what you eat. And apparently, you are how you eat too.

Do you embrace the slow food movement?


Kymmie said...

I love this slow food concept. We only do fast food when on road trips, but we've been doing so many road trips that I now pack meals and snacks. Actually, I always packed snacks and drinks (I HATE purchasing water!!!), because fast food actually doesn't taste nice either. Even my lads said it. I'm so pleased!

We are currently enjoying a shopping bill less fruit and vegies, as we now are supplying enough of our fruit trees, and vegie garden.

As I said, love this slow food movement! x

Seana Smith said...

Hello, you are how you eat - eek! That's a bit confronting as I think I eat too fast all the time, even lovingly prepared fresh food. Yikes, yikes.

Did so well to pack good sandwiches, fruit and cake for the kids, I had six out at Waterworks, they wolfed it all so it was hot chips all round. Oops. Takes so much food to keep these guys full.

I have loved making celery soup with home grown celery and also having a half mint, half lettuce green salad with the mint grown by moi.

But change is slow, and I think we'll be having pizza night from some crappy joint weekly... love this series you are doing.

joeh said...

I shun Micky Dee's and deserts except for rare occasions. I try to eat slowly and enjoy, but old habits from many years ago where the slow eater never got seconds keeps speeding me up. YOu are on the right track, I am not quite there!

Tricia said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Zucchini, pea and potato soup recipe. We're having it for lunch today :-)

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