Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A month of health: Small steps

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January is breezing by. The kids and I are on holidays this week, visiting the fam in Fibrotown. It has been a hot Summer. The best I can remember in a long time.

I cannot emphasise enough that single parenting is for the brave. And single parenting four tired, hot children camping in your sister's backyard is well... let's just say a 24/7 commitment. Little people are very warm when sitting/sleeping on top of you in 30+ degrees. I say no more least I incriminate myself or others.

Needless to say, I haven't had a lot of time to think about my health goals. In a funny way, this has been the best start I could have hoped for. I have done the hard, fast diets. I have shed the kegs in record time. I have ticked boxes, reached weight loss goals, and read every book under the sun.

I just haven't been able to sustain it.

It is a maintenance issue for me. It is about my relationship with food. It is about my ability to put on the hand brake and say enough is enough.

It has something to do with emotions and a lot to do with discipline. While I admire those with self-discipline, I have always had a little piece of me that thinks they are boring. Where's your sense of adventure? And fun? And spontaneity?

All my fun and spontaneity is firmly planted on my jodpur thighs.

So as I venture forward, sucking the life out of Summer before I return to work next week, I have been practising my self-discipline skills as I attempt to stay away from nutritiously dead foods. I am trying to recall the Food Rules of Michael Pollen and the simple wisdom of Susie Burrell.

I have no particular weight goals. I have no specific eating plan, except my new year's resolution. I am taking it slow this year. Health for life, not for a few months. I am finding the middle ground. My middle ground. There's no rush to the imaginary finish line because there is no finish line. I am changing my habits.

So tell me. How do you maintain your weight? Are you self-disciplined? Or do you diet when you find yourself slipping?


River said...

I'm sitting on my comfortably sized bum eating non-nutritious foods as I read this. Do I feel guilty?

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Seriously lacking in self discipline here. I'm with you on the boring, but you're right it's about changing habits for life and not waiting for one day in the future to start to do it. All the best!

Seana Smith said...

I'm good when in a routine but over the school holidays I find ti hard to be as disciplined. Och, it's all habits isn't it? And I don't mind having a couple of extra kilos of padding after summer as I feel pretty sure I can get them off once kids go back to school.

Maybe next summer I could try not to over indulge... hmmm... I have stopped drinking alcohol altogether for 2013 so that should help, but maybe I am eating sweet things to compensate. But back home for the final time tomorrow and then will try to get some sort of eating rhythm back on track... but far more veggie/vegan meals I am thinking.

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