Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A month of health: Stress management

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As things hot up on the 'back to school' front and work undergoes another series of imposed changes, I am reminded once again of the importance of mental health in the quest for a healthy life. Stress makes me irritable, cranky, and unproductive, so just when I need to get more done, I fail at the basics.

Stress is a normal part of life, of course. We can rarely avoid it altogether, and in and of itself, it is a natural state. In short bursts, stress can invigorate us; we have all the goods to deal with short-term stress. Our bodies set the wheels of our sympathetic nervous system in motion; fight or flight. Acute stress response.

The only problem is that the source of stress frequently hangs around, accumulates and sends us spiraling rapidly into a state of quivering that disables us from making reasonable decisions, problem solving or, indeed, seeking help.

Stress management is all about self-care. Setting realistic goals and expectations, delegating, negotiating and finding a way to find some reprieve from the source of the stress (not always an easy task).

We need to build the resilience to cope with stress. To break situations down into manageable chunks. To sift out life's distractions, so we can get on with things that make a difference. To find a solution to the constant re-infestation of nits!

We need to balance the actual urgent/important with the unknown-but-apparently-urgent-or-important-to-someone. Things we want to do, with things we are expected to do. Things we do for us, with things we do for others.

We need to identify the signs of 'burn out' and take action to change what we can.

We need to find some headspace, whether that is through doing some exercise, spending time with family and friends, going to a movie, reading a book or tending your garden. Whatever works for you. A little or a lot; whatever you need.

Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence*. 

What do you do when stress gets the better of you?

* From Desiderata


River said...

Nits- buy a couple of bottles of tea tree oil and an empty spray bottle. Tip one bottle of tea tree oil into the bottle and top up with water. once the current crop of nits have been removed, use the spray daily on the hair. Just spray lightly and comb through, or spray onto the hairbrush and brush through. Every morning.
This worked for my daughter when her daughter constantly brought home nits and lice. After starting this routine the kids had no ore nits. Use the other bottle of tea tree oil in the wash, just a few drops should do it, for a few weeks.
Another thing is to dispose of all old hairbrushes and buy new ones or soak them in tea tree oil and water for a day or two, then wash thoroughly with hot water and shampoo.

Olivia Madison said...

Very useful post. Thanks for sharing. I will include your tips in my daily health management routine. Stress is very harmful for health. so stress management is very necessary.

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