Thursday, 28 February 2013

A month of frugality: Blog bookmarks

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I started this blog as a record of life, my thoughts and life's little lessons. Since entering the blogosphere, I have now accumulated more words of wisdom, interesting snippets and 'must-reads' to keep track of. It is a mind-field! Blog Bookmarks is a place to highlight some of my favourite finds for the week.

There are many blogs and websites out there that dedicate themselves to frugal living. While I may have my own slant on things, if you are interested in this topic, might I suggest you take a peak at these for starters?

Frugal and thriving is an Australian blog dedicated to well, thriving in a frugal life. The writer, Melissa, writes good blog. Today's post Get what you need and more from the alternate economy is a great summary of the non-commercial market opportunities available. Next time you need something new, why not think outside the square and try the alternate economy?

Back in 2011 when I was regularly hosting the Weekend Rewind (whatever happened to that?), I did a frugal living edition. 27 bloggers, including myself, linked up a frugal living post they had written for their blog. Topics ranged from selling 100 things as a means of raising money to tips to stop spending to free styling tips. Grab a coffee and flick through the linky list. You are bound to learn something new.

Down to Earth is an Australian Blog-to-book success story. I actually discovered the book before the blog, and both are a source of much information. Written by Rhonda, it focuses on spending less to enjoy life more. 

Simple Savings is an online community dedicated to saving money. The website is packed with ideas for making your pennies stretch further. Creators of the $21 Challenge, curators of Ye Old Shoppe and originators of the Wealthy Habits calendar, there is much to read and do when you visit the site.

Why not share a link to your favourite frugal living site/post?

This is the final post in the month of frugality series.

Posts from the month of frugality are:


Claire Hewitt said...

So many tips, imagine if I actually implemented most of them...I cold be rich, or at least not broke.

allison tait said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure I follow any frugal bloggers and I probably should. Off to check out your list!

Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel said...

Hello, please, please, please can I beg you to re-start the Weekend Rewind, it's just that I have a big emotional attachment to it as it was the one I met when first blogging and I loved the idea. But I had so few posts I couldn't really add much... but could now!!

Is it a lot of work? Bring it back, I beg you!!!

Crystal said...


I just came across an old fashioned clothespin like your "4". It has the large curl to the metal. Any idea how old it might be? I was surprised to see it on your website.

Thx for responding.

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