Friday, 15 March 2013

Broken bones: A month of parenting

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Nugget broke his wrist yesterday. Both bones.

We have a bit of experience with broken bones at our place. The Minx broke her leg when she was about 13 months old. Doo Dah fractured his right arm on the monkey bars while at vacation care last year. And now Nugget. Left wrist fracture from a trampoline accident.

I know what you are thinking. Trampolines are known to cause broken bones, especially when more than one child is on them at a time. We break all the rules around here.

Nugget has a back slab on his arm, from hand to above the elbow, and a sling. He is out of action for a week, until his proper plaster cast can be applied. I spent the day getting his life sorted out for him. Note to self: Get an EA.

He can't write with his right hand*, so I had to speak with his teacher and organise some strategies for dealing with his school work.

I had to cancel his swimming lessons for a little while. The teacher assures me that he should be right to return to the pool once he is suitably fibreglassed. I reminded her that he weighs about 1kg and has enough trouble lifting his arms out of the water without the additional weight. Fair point, she retorted.

I had to ring his rather stern trombone teacher. He also expects him back buzzing a tune after the first week. As we were wrapping up our conversation, he reminded me that he 'only needs one hand to practise with the mouthpiece'. Apparently this is a good opportunity to really focus on the development of his embouchure. Nug won't be pleased!

As for AFL training and the last Little Athletics meet for the season? A big pass for both. Nugget grinned from ear to ear today after school when he claimed he 'can't play sport with a broken arm so he got to play on the computer'. It is a nerd's paradise!

Looks like we will be facing Easter camping with a broken arm, school photos with a broken arm, Nug's 8th birthday with a broken arm and the first lot of school holidays with a broken arm. I can't wait to get the cast off and he hasn't even got it on yet.

Have you or your child broken a limb? Was it a disruptive time?
* I just realised I have never written a post about parenting left-handed children when you are rightie yourself. I will do that next time!


Sarah said...

No broken bones for the children thank god although I broke my arm the day before Christmas Eve a couple of years ago which made getting the turkey out of the oven a little tricky!

River said...

I have one sister and three brothers and none of us has ever broken a bone. We're tough.
From four children there's been a small break in a foot bone and one broken wrist.
Grandchildren? One broken collarbone from falling out of bed and one broken arm, but I don't remember the cause.

At Number 32 said...

Don't you rememeber with the others, once that cast is set and pain has eased they get on and play like they haven't even got one. Poor Nug. Hope it passes fast!

Miss Pink said...

Poor Nugget!
Greenie broke the tip of one of his fingers when he was 15months old. It wasn't healing properly with a splint so he hand to have a full cast right up to his sholder. It looked awful, and the looks I got were awful.

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