Thursday, 16 May 2013

Writing for work

Nugget and Dew Drop on ferris wheel at the Hawksbury Show
I realised as I was writing a report for work this week how much I miss writing.

I have taken an informal break from the blog and I have no idea if this means I am back or not, but I miss it. I miss it, and I don't. It is a bit mixed up.

But I have realised that this space records our family's history. And if I don't write, then what happens to that? I can't rely on my memory. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast most days.

There has been a lot happening in our lives since I last posted. We were about to start renovating, and then were decided we were going to move. And then were decided we weren't. And then we were again. (you get the picture?) The last two weeks has been a Mexican stand-off and neither the Geege nor I have mentioned the elephant in the room. We have had these stand-offs before and it didn't end well.

Nugget (8) and Doo Dah (6) have been rocking it in the classroom. A prouder Mum I could not have been when I attended their parent-teacher nights. They got their glasses and have been going to the chiropractor twice a week. I don't really understand what chiropractors do, nor why they need to be involved with helping my boys' eyes, but we are following instructions and the boys are without complaint. Who knows how sensory integration will sort things out?

We didn't sign up for soccer this year. Partly because we thought we would be renovating (see above) and partly because we didn't want every Saturday taken up with sport. As it turns out we can't fit it in anyway, with swimming, house hunting (on and off. See above) and all the bloody appointments, but the boys hope to commence Karate soon. Management is still processing this request.

Nugget turned eight in April and we celebrated with a camping party. The Geege and I had 10 children overnight in our tent. Chaos does not begin to describe it! We all survived and it was tons of fun but I'm not sure I would be putting my hand up anytime soon to re-enact it!

Nugget had his first trombone concert last week. He had six weeks out with whole broken arm debacle but managed to blend in pretty well with the rest of the band. Unlike one little clarinet player who was notably squeaky. He did a rendition to the family when we got home. I think he surprised himself that he could play something tunefully. Almost made up for the ongoing battle zone that is "trombone practise".

The Minx (4) and Dew Drop (4) are parping along, growing and getting themselves ready start school next year. The Minx is further along the road than Dewie at this point, but both are definitely getting there. They managed to climb Pigeon House Mountain with the whole family at the Easter long weekend, which was no mean feat. Five kilometres up and down a pretty big hill, with some ladders to challenge them.

So there you have it. A little update until the next time. It is amazing what whipping up a report at work can do for a person.

Where do you find your inspiration for writing?

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