Monday, 30 September 2013

Supercub is born

Nugget has been going to cubs for all of seven weeks. He is a total fan. I think he is suffering withdrawal this week because of the school holidays.

Since signing up he has been rock climbing, had a disco and sleepover, learnt how to tie four different knots, commenced a course in codes and signals and got his swimming badge. Even he sees the irony of achieving his swimming badge first! He giggled a little as he exclaimed "and I'm not even a very good swimmer but they gave it to me anyway".

I may in fact be an even bigger fan than he is. My applause goes to the wonderful adults who sacrifice so much of their time to entertain and teach our children. They may be the biggest dags that ever were, but my God do they know how to give kids a good time and grow their confidence and encourage their independence and sense of responsibility. Love with a capital L.

And don't get me started on the little yellow book! Badges are the bomb! Nugget and I have been planning his assault on badge acquisition. He has his eyes firmly set on the ultimate prize 'the grey wolf'. I just wish I could earn badges too! It would totally suit my 30 Day Challenge mentality, and might just get me to plug in my new sewing machine...

The Cub program is so organised to. They have a timetable of events (per term), weekly email reminders and information nights for newbie parents who are getting their cubs prepared for Cuboree in January. As a seasoned camper, I didn't think they'd be able to show me much about packing for a week long camping trip but I was wrong! A big wheelie bag, daily plastic ziplock bags, and only packing stuff that I am happy to never see again will be the key to a successful Cuboree! That, and teaching Nug how to turn a shower on and off without burning himself.

Today I dropped Nug at vacation care wearing a purple cape. He's had it on since last Friday. He's trying to wear it long enough to get in the Guinness book of World Records. I blame Kanga his cub leader. I overheard her telling Nug that he should be himself all the time. He shouldn't be afraid to be different. Being him is the best thing he can be. Supercub anyone?

Are you a part of the scouting movement? What has your experience been?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Karate kids

The boys have been wanting to do martial arts for ages. We decided to give swimming lessons the flick for a Term to preserve the sanity of all involved, so it was time to select a martial arts class to attend.

There are a LOT of different styles to choose from. I don't know if you have investigated martial arts yourself but I got quite lost between the taekwondos, Brazilian jujitsus and akikidos. In the end we chose the one that operates at our school, across the road from our house. Keep it simple, stupid, right?

So Nug and Doo Dah finally got started last month. It has been a fun addition to our extra-curricular activities. The boys love having a place to punch, kick and shout legitimately. I haven't noticed a reduction in illegitimate punching, kicking or shouting but they sure look forward to Thursday night classes.

Their instructor is an ocker-accented guy from Japanese descent. He's a cranky old man well before his time but I wouldn't tell him that to his face. His punches are so quick you need slow motion to work out what he has done. The boys have a mixture of awe and fear. They do what Hanshi says.

They did their first grading on Sunday. It was their first opportunity to meet their Sensei. The boys chatted amongst themselves as we drove to the Dojo. "I reckon Sensei's going to be scary", Doo Dah said. "Of course he will be", says Nug, the voice of reason, "even Hanshi is scared of him".

Sensei turned out to be wonderful with the kids and an inspiring man. He preached words of wisdom and encouraged hard work and doing your best. He was no 'Mr Miagi' but both boys happily moved  up to the next belt and each commented that Sensei is "actually really nice".

They both slept with their brown belts last night. Their white belt cast offs were readily received by the twins who are now practising their moves for their entry into martial arts next year, when they start school. You have been warned.

Do your children do martial arts? Do they love it?
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