Monday, 9 September 2013

Karate kids

The boys have been wanting to do martial arts for ages. We decided to give swimming lessons the flick for a Term to preserve the sanity of all involved, so it was time to select a martial arts class to attend.

There are a LOT of different styles to choose from. I don't know if you have investigated martial arts yourself but I got quite lost between the taekwondos, Brazilian jujitsus and akikidos. In the end we chose the one that operates at our school, across the road from our house. Keep it simple, stupid, right?

So Nug and Doo Dah finally got started last month. It has been a fun addition to our extra-curricular activities. The boys love having a place to punch, kick and shout legitimately. I haven't noticed a reduction in illegitimate punching, kicking or shouting but they sure look forward to Thursday night classes.

Their instructor is an ocker-accented guy from Japanese descent. He's a cranky old man well before his time but I wouldn't tell him that to his face. His punches are so quick you need slow motion to work out what he has done. The boys have a mixture of awe and fear. They do what Hanshi says.

They did their first grading on Sunday. It was their first opportunity to meet their Sensei. The boys chatted amongst themselves as we drove to the Dojo. "I reckon Sensei's going to be scary", Doo Dah said. "Of course he will be", says Nug, the voice of reason, "even Hanshi is scared of him".

Sensei turned out to be wonderful with the kids and an inspiring man. He preached words of wisdom and encouraged hard work and doing your best. He was no 'Mr Miagi' but both boys happily moved  up to the next belt and each commented that Sensei is "actually really nice".

They both slept with their brown belts last night. Their white belt cast offs were readily received by the twins who are now practising their moves for their entry into martial arts next year, when they start school. You have been warned.

Do your children do martial arts? Do they love it?


Seana said...

Ah none of mine have, why is that? I do the martial arts sound very good for them. Must ask them. Am on a bit of an anti-activity phase myself just now though, summer is good for charging around outside with the boys next door. The kids not me!! Great to see you back!

Lucy Mulvany said...

Lexie does "gymrate" - her very own made up gymnastics/karate moves on the lawn...

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