Thursday, 3 October 2013

The sewing machine

I turned 40 in May. I had this thing that when I turned 40 I would learn to sew*. I would buy a sewing machine and learn to sew.

May came and went.

No sewing machine.

June came and went.

No sewing machine.

July came and went.

No sewing machine.

August came. The boys started karate and they needed their pants taken up. I bartered fresh eggs in exchange for hems with my neighbour. I felt guilty. I bought a sewing machine.

September came and went. The sewing machine sat in its box.

October came. On the first day, I took the machine out of its box. On the second day, I gathered some tools. And on the third day, I sewed. Just cub badges onto Nug's cub shirt. It took me nearly 5 hours because I had to learn how to thread the machine, put thread on bobbins, change the length and width of stitches, pin. I watched a few YouTubes, read the manual, and made a LOT of mistakes.

It was the most frustrating thing I think I have ever done.

But it is done and I now feel great.

I sewed today. All by myself.

If you are a sewer, I would appreciate a link to any resources you might know of to learn the absolute basics (I have a couple of hems to do for example, and a couple of holes to 'darn'). Any ideas?

* Might I add that learning to sew when your long sightedness is kicking in is probably not the best idea in hindsight.


Kelly Exeter said...

I am totally hiding this post from my husband - he dreams of me owning a sewing machine. I have made it my business to be really 'forgetful' when it comes to fixing holes in clothing and buttons that have fallen off!

Coal Valley View said...

You're back! And with a sewing machine no less. That's great. I'm absolutely no help on the resources front though - I just got a machine for the first time last Christmas and it has not really seen the light of day since I sewed Little Athletics badges on the Kids' tops last Summer. Took me ages to thread the needle for the first time too! Have fun :-) Mel x

Erin said...

I first learnt to sew when I was 21 and pregnant with our first. I took a class, really recommend you do something like that or find a sewing friend. When you are brand new and you read "Sew right sides together" you spend a long, long time trying to work out just what they mean!! many a time I threatened to throw my machine across the room. (I'm far more mellow these days;) feel free to email me and ask to interpret if you like
I might not be the best sewer on the block but I know what it means to not understand their secret language.

Miss Pink said...

Hems are very easy, turn the pants inside out and roll/fold up the hem to where you want it to sit, press that with and iron and pin it in place. Them you're going to stick the bottom of the pant leg around the sewing machine where you see so essentially you will just guide your stitches in one continuous loop. Does that help?

Claire Hewitt said...

I am not a sewer, but I can thread a machine in minutes and have it ready - something from four years of textiles classes at my high school.

Tat said...

My sewing machine came out recently when I had to make a costume for my son's book week. Otherwise it stays safely packed, sewing around little ones stresses me out!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I'm a very basic sewer. All simple stuff here. I still hand sew badges and hems. Well done for giving it a go . Love your determination. You'll love it when you get going!

Obat Ambeien Untuk Ibu Hamil said...

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Tessa White said...

Totally not my thing and whilst I wish I could I know I don't really as I would just be frustrated I didn't have the time..clear as mud huh?!

Sam-O said...

My Mum tried to teach me to sew for years. The thing that finally got me going was enrolling in a community college class 'Get to know your sewing machine' that went over a few Saturdays. I learned everything about my own machine and we made a dress (they gave us some easy patterns to chose from and we got all the supplies). I really recommend it.

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