Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Generation X Parents - At it again

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I was speaking to a friend yesterday about the joys of being a Gen X parent.

Recently she moved house and her children have changed schools. She is currently on her 'best behaviour', trying to fit in with the new school crowd. You know how it is.

Anyway, she received a group email from another Grade 1 school Mum which went something along the lines of:

I don't want to name names or anything but there is a child in class who is telling all the other kids that Santa is not real. I really want this to stop because it is distressing my child.

WTF!?! Can you believe this meddling Mum?

Kids have been finding out about Santa and pretending not to know for ever haven't they? And parents have been pretending not to know that their kids are pretending so that everyone can continue to enjoy the Christmas gift giving experience.

I've said it before but I will say it again. Gen X are turning out to be crappy parents. Kids need disappointment, failure and other negative experiences so they can grow and develop resilience. Why do we feel the need to wrap our children in cotton wool?

My friend was worried that it was her child who was doing the myth busting. She asked me how I would respond to the email.

'Honestly', I said. 'I'd delete it. Let Princess Control Freak deal with her own issues'.
How would you respond to an email like this?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Twins in school Part 2

A long time ago now, I wrote this post about twins and school. It seemed only vaguely possible that my twins would ever reach school age at that time. The days were looooong. The parenting relentless. I had my views about how it should be done (of course I did) and I was determined to be ready to roll when the time came around. Plenty of time.

Blink and you'll miss it, people used to say to me, when my first son was born. The first five years will go by in a flash. I listened with my inner voice saying "That would be the day!". Every day stretched on in those early years. Each one a mirror of the last. I felt caught in a time warp.

The twins are attending their Early Birds program at the school. Preparing for Kindergarten in 2014. My twins are going to school! All of a sudden it seems like only yesterday that we were a family with four under four. All of a sudden the images of their cloth nappy clad bottoms disappearing together up the hallway seem so vivid. All of a sudden the races they had with their baby zimmer-frames feels like a recent past time.

I haven't taken the time to notice that we packed "the big rig" in the car for the last time nearly 2 years ago. That I breast fed for the last time nearly 3 years ago. That we no longer have cots, high-chairs, prams, bibs, or pureed food in our house. I haven't taken the time to notice every little thing. I haven't cherished every moment of those innocent, loving pre-school years. And now I've blinked and missed it. Boo.

Next year I will have four school-aged children. A whole new chapter. Note to self: remain wide-eyed.

Have you got a school starter in 2014? What preparations are you doing?

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