Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Ahhh. The sweet sound of the last day of the year has arrived. I love this day. I day to reflect and plan the next year. 2013 has been a mixed year for me. Highs and lows.

In January, I focused on health and I did a month of posts to get me in the mood. I was meant to be having a year about health without embarking on any diets. I can't say I achieved this (see below).

In February, I shared some frugal tips including my shortcuts. I always focus on my finances in February. It seems that if I get myself sorted in Feb, the rest of the year runs more smoothly. In 2014, I am trying out the Simple Savings daily money diary. I want to squirrel away 5K for a family trip to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. I'll let you know how I go.

It was all about parenting in March. Well, actually I got pretty bored with blogging in March. Somewhere between Nugget's broken arm which somehow seemed a punishment to me for complaining about trying to get him to practice his trombone, I lost my blogging mojo.

I didn't blog in April, but we celebrated Nugget's 8th birthday with a camping party. The Geege and I had ten children for an overnight camp at the Reserve down the road from our place. It was a crazy night and fortunately, a glitchless adventure. We also camped for the long weekend just outside of Milton. We managed to get nine children aged 3-9 to hike Pigeonhouse Mountain. It is still astonishing to me.

In May I had my 40th birthday. Apart from the fact that I am officially middle aged, turning 40 turned out to be a whole lot easier than turning 30 was for me. My sister hosted a party for me. The theme was "used to be cool". Just like me. I had the best night, danced until 3am surrounded by my peeps. I rekindled with the blog in May, but it turned out to be a cameo.

We had a fantastic ski trip with the family and some of our friends in June-July. We did a little roadie, visiting some friends in Canberra on the way down. We stayed in some fabulous little huts just off the mountains, and had an easy commute to the slopes each morning. The kids took to skiing surprisingly easily (a couple of lessons and they were away) and had a wonderful time out on the slopes.

Personally I find skiing quite tedious. It just hurts in places I don't even notice the rest of my life. I like the IDEA of skiing but the reality is less than fun. Cold. Wet. Ouchy. Now that I have four additional converts in the family, I doubt I will be able to get away from going back. Although it could make for a lovely Daddy and kids holiday?

I tackled the Michelle Bridges program from July - September. I lost some weight, found it again, and have finished the year a few kegs down but in my usual state about myself. I doubt I will ever accept my body fate. I am back to thinking what I was thinking this time last year - whole foods. Food for life. No more diets! So I am going to try to slowly introduce whole foods in 2014 and I signed up to do a 50km walk in May, so between the two, I should be feeling better about things again.

After a quiet winter on the extra-curricular front, the kids commenced activities in Spring with a vengence. Nugget started cubs, Nugget and Doo Dah started Taekidokai, The Minx started ballet, and Dew Drop started OT and Physio! Busy. Everything was selected by its proximity to our house (all walking distance), and cost. The kids are happily ensconced in the activities and all children added swimming and Doo Dah added cricket once the Summer came along. I was so grateful when school holidays arrived so we can have a break from our activities!

In October, we bought nothing new again. It was great to reunite with our unbuying ways. I also cracked out the sewing machine that I bought for my 40th birthday. It was a frustrating experience; one that is yet to be repeated!

In November, we started getting the twins organised for school. They start in February. My last babies to fly the coup. It has been a very exciting time for them and a bittersweet one for me. Watch this space for an update once they get settled in.

And finally December. Always a ridiculous month for us with three children's birthdays and Christmas. We have had some wonderful celebrations with friends and family and have been thoroughly immersed in the festivities of the festive season.

I am looking forward to 2014. I hope to spend more time here again. Thanks to all of you who are still around after my less than friendly approach to blogging in 2013.

Happy new year!

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Anonymous said...

You're such a trooper. Our year was similarly busy, although no broken limbs and less trips away for us. Nice to see your smiling face again and know that all is well in your world. x

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