Monday, 29 December 2014

Growing up

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The school holidays are well and truly upon us. We have had a deliberately quiet couple of weeks; some much needed down time for all. Late nights and late mornings. Messing up and tidying the house several times a day. Numerous Lego constructions, craft projects and backyard cricket matches.

I have been on a rampage of sorts too. I've thrown several bags of stuff out of the house (to make way for the Christmas influx) and de-cluttered all the paper hot-spots. All to the sound of wrestling matches and bickering from 'bored' children.

Most days have involved an activity out of the house; mainly swimming. Today I took the kids to the new pool. All four of them. All on my own. I am largely unscathed by the experience too.

I swam with them for much of the time and had my turn on the water slide*. But as I supervised them poolside with a book in my hand, I realised something. They have actually learnt to swim (even the ones I thought never would). They have also learnt to look out for each other and to play together and to have oodles of fun together. It is just fabulous.

There were times when I actually wondered when I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I realised that there is not only a light but I have made it through the tunnel. The other side looks pretty damned peachy.

* I was the only adult on the slide. The kids couldn't understand why I only had one turn when it was so-much-fun. I felt like a slow-learner.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dear John

One minute it was April and then it was December! The year has flown. Don't you think!? 

I have barely blogged this year and I feel so sad that all the tiny little memories from the year have slipped by unrecorded. I want to write it all down but already I have forgotten. The little stories. The funny one-liners. The things that let you see the trees in the forest.

So here are a few of the bigger things. They will make no sense to anyone but me, but they will be there. A forever reminder of the year that was...
Back to work full time.
Brown became purple, white became red.
The bed that rolled. And rolled and rolled.
The plans were finalised, the green light was given.
Happy 10 in Blackheath.
A wildly endured 50 and reunion with my long lost friend, asthma.
Al's baby launched into the world.
The astronaut, 60s rocker, little red vest and bossy ballerina.
Two critical thinkers, an English champ and a little boy lost.
52 of your closest friends for a disco celebration.
A cricket tragic was born.

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