Sunday, 3 May 2015

Dealing with death

Flying between Kathmandu and Pokhara in March
The news in our city for the past week or so has been nothing but death and despair.

After our wonderful trip to Nepal, Nugget and I and the rest of our family have been attentively watching the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on April 25. 7.8 on the Rikter scale. 1500, 3000, 6600 people dead and many more injured. The death toll rises daily. And the after-shocks continue. People are unsafe, have no clean water and limited food supplies. Their beautiful country has become a pile of rubble and ancient temples and protected buildings have been lost. And the monsoon approaches. RIP lovely Nepali people and visitors.

Two Australians were executed on April 29 in Indonesia for the part they played in the Bali Nine incident. They were not innocent men but they had their lives senselessly taken from them. We heard graphic details as the media counted down their final hours. The children asked why a government was allowed to shoot a person and we scooted around the topic of capital punishment. It made no sense to them. It makes no sense to me. Two more deaths to add to the weeks tally. RIP Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

In Baltimore, Freddy Gray, a 25 year old black man, died in police custody on April 19 from injuries sustained while being transported in a police vehicle. A completely unnecessary death. Riots ensued with several police injured and many protestors arrested. Six police officers have now been charged for the crime that they committed. RIP Freddy Gray.

With all this in the news, the children have been asking many questions about death. Dew Drop has been particularly sensitive and concerns himself daily with the question "Am I going to die today".

We take opportunities where we can to teach our children about the world around them and the cycle of life. It has been hard to side-step the tough questions this week. Here's to a brighter week next week.

How have your children coped with all the death in the media this week?

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pam said...

I sometimes really have to fight against feeling completely out of control of my own destiny when the news is like this. My eldest started Uni this year and was understandably distraught this week when someone in her accomodation block took his own life. She was giving herself a hard time for reacting so strongly when she didn't know him. But, I expect that this is what we can hold on to...whilst we have empathy and can share each other's pain, when we recognise that it might so easily have been our community, our family, our brother, ourselves, then hope remains.

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