Thursday, 5 January 2017

Year in Review - The Nomads

I don't think I managed a single post in 2016 so I am taking time to stock take 16 things to remember from 2016 before I can't remember them... So here goes...

We actually got our house extension done in 2016. It is quite the miracle. Five years of yes, no, maybe and then it was done. 

We spent three months in 2016  living with the Geege's Dad at Wiseman's Ferry, which translated as us commuting great distances during the week and staying every weekend at someone or others' home. I still can't believe people happily accepted our family of six to stay a night or three at their place, or to house-sit when they were going away, or cat or dog-sit their four-legged friends. We literally slept all over the suburb.

All three boys played soccer every weekend which meant there was training to attend - lots of cold nights and crazy amounts of organisation required to keep the show on the road, but oh how we appreciated being in one place in the end!

It was ridiculously exhausting, working full time, renovating a house, commuting up to four hours a day and hanging with our homies every weekend but also fan-bloody-tastic. 

What a community we live in! What amazing friends we have! What generous parents and families we have! And so easy when you keep your eyes on the prize...

The Final Prize <3 span="">

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