Monday, 9 January 2017

Year in Review - The Piece of Meat

I don't think I managed a single post in 2016 so I am taking time to stock take 16 things to remember from 2016 before I can't remember them... So here goes...

Doo Dah went off to a Cub event in August and ended up with oesphageal dysphagia!

That is what you get when you don't chew your meat and it manages to occlude your entire oesphagus so that nothing can move through it. 

After spending time at the local hospital trying some conservative methods to remove the occlusion, including using Coca Cola (what does that tell you about what Coke does to you!?), we took an ambulance ride to Westmead Children's hospital. They had to put him under to remove the 5cm piece of steak he allegedly chewed prior to swallowing.

Despite his protests, I am convinced that he in fact inhaled said meat given a) the size of it and b) he was participating in a points-based event at the time of the incident and, well, you know Doo Dah and competitions... 

A LOT of spitting  was witnessed that day- we really do swallow more than 2000 times a day. Poor sod. It was traumatic but pretty minor in the scheme of things. Please chew your food!

Side Note: I left my Tupperware container at the hospital if anyone has seen it!?


Sarah said...

How scary MM for all of you. I had no idea it was POSSIBLE to swallow a piece of meat that size! Glad it worked out ok in the end and hopefully he will now chew all of his food!

Seana Smith said...

I didn't know it could get stuck but you could still breath. Lucky that, need to swot up on anatomy.

Enjoying reading about your 2016 and YEAH that the reno is done, and asbestos free - thank goodness.

Awake here in the middle of the night in Scotland, on a too-quick trip to see my beloved old mum who is not well.

Look forward to next posts.

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