Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Year in Review - Vincentia Holiday

I don't think I managed a single post in 2016 so I am taking time to stock take 16 things to remember from 2016 before I can't remember them... So here goes...

Seana from Hello Sydney Kids has a great pad in Vincentia that you can rent and we did just that in January 2016. 

We had the most amazing time hanging at the beach, RELAXING, reading, riding bikes, walking, drinking, catching up with old school friends and spending time with family and friends. 

It was just the thing to while away the school holidays and work on our tans.

I was truly grateful for the opportunity to spend time with my family in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Water play for kids, Vincentia NSW

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Sarah said...

The beach is my very favourite place to be MM and I was lucky enough to spend much of last Summer at beaches in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset here in the UK. I know I didn't blog about them all but you have inspired me to go back to last year and write about the things I haven't already talked about but for which I am very grateful to have experienced.

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