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In 2011 I took a leaf out of Kelly's book and set myself something new to do each week. At the end of the 52in52 challenge, I had done most of the things on my list, but not all. I have been wondering what to do about my list and what the next step might be. I decided to change it to a 101 in 1001 challenge on August 15, 2012. I have bought myself about a year (1001 days from January 1, 2011 is September 1, 2013) , but added 49 more things to the list. So here goes...
  1. Reorganise the children's toy cupboard and donate all the baby toys to the local op-shop Completed 14/09/2012
  2. Get a skin cancer check
  3. Get rid of the possum in our roof
  4. Take the kids to the dentist
  5. Get the kids' eyes re-checked
  6. Hand-make this year's Advent calendar Completed 30/11/2011
  7. Learn to touch-type
  8. Do a fun-run where I raise money for charity
  9. Go for a night out with the Geege and dance
  10. Have at least one full weekend to myself
  11. Investigate Ethical Investments
  12. Participate in an Adventure Race
  13. Run the Mother's Day Classic
  14. Read 2 books per month Completed 2011 (should write a list of the books!)
  15. Have a candlelit dinner at home Completed 7/09/2011
  16. Have a 'date' night with my husband at least once a month for six months
  17. Send a package to a friend I’ve been out of touch with Completed 2011
  18. Go to a trivia night Achieved 29/11/2011
  19. Go to a standup comedy night
  20. See some live music
  21. Ride from my place to Sister B's
  22. Climb a tree
  23. Donate blood
  24. Make sushi
  25. Exercise daily for 2 weeks straight
  26. Finish the kids' baby books
  27. Finish my scarf
  28. Take the kids on a train journey Completed 10.08.2012
  29. Create a 'Year Book' for each year from 2004 -2011
  30. Stick to a budget for a month
  31. Go to the movies 6 times
  32. Plant my veggie patch
  33. Go without internet for an entire weekend while at home
  34. Go for one month without drinking coke zero
  35. Develop the family rules
  36. Go geocaching (http://www.geocaching.com)
  37. Go to a winery
  38. Get down to 70kgs
  39. Go hot-air ballooning
  40. Organise a monthly meal plan for the house Completed 08/11
  41. Give my blog a serious make-over
  42. Develop a signature for my blog
  43. Consider a FB page for my blog
  44. Learn 52 things about online marketing for the Geege's business
  45. Fix all those 'little things' around the house - stove 06.12, ballistrade, towel rail, kitchen tap, bathroom taps, toilet, kitchen drawers
  46. Get plans for our extension drawn up
  47. Spend 15 mins a day for a week with each of my children alone Completed 05/11
  48. Get Doo Dah 'ready' for school
  49. Sort out Doo Dah's snoring
  50. Have a review appointment with a surgeon about my 'separation' issue
  51. Get private health insurance for the family
  52. Reorganise the home so that I can re-claim the dining room
  53. Change to 100% Green Energy
  54. Reduce energy use by at least 10% for a bill cycle
  55. Host a roving dinner party with my local friends
  56. Participate in a locavore challenge for 30 days (everything comes from within 150 kms)
  57. Cut the clutter by giving away/throwing away 5 things from the house every day for a month
  58. Stop using the air-conditioner from Sept 21, 2012 - April 1, 2013
  59. Reinstate Meatless Monday throughout summer
  60. Pick up the freezer from Sister B's  Completed 4/09/12
  61. Get rid of the second (unused) fridge
  62. Go to a course/learn to worm-farm properly
  63. Save $1001
  64. Complete the C25K program again
  65. Participate in Oxfam Trailwalker
  66. Start swimming lessons with the twins
  67. Take all the kids to the dentist
  68. Blog every day for a month
  69. Write an e-book
  70. Get paid for an article/post that I write
  71. Send 5 postcards
  72. Complete a 30 day money overhaul
  73. Make my own jam
  74. Make a(n edible) loaf of bread from scratch
  75. Participate in the 100 Days of Real Food blog 14 week whole food challenge
  76. Purchase new blinds for the main bedroom, lounge and dining room
  77. Take a trip to Melbourne
  78. Attend a music festival
  79. Go rogaining
  80. Complete a First Aid course
  81. Send a letter to Princess Mary
  82. Visit Tasmania
  83. Change the carpet in the small room
  84. Make all the beds in the house everyday for a fortnight
  85. Find a mentor
  86. Make a media kit for my blog
  87. Get an iPad
  88. Purchase klean kanteen drink bottles for the kids
  89. Set up a night-time routine for getting the kids ready for school
  90. Go carless on Wednesdays (at least once a fortnight)
  91. Learn more about recycling
  92. Learn more about looking after chickens
  93. Make a meal from home-grown vegetables and eggs
  94. Improve storage in the home
  95. Get a new pair of boots
  96. Buy some decent shoes for work
  97. Particpate in the buy nothing new challenge in October, 2012
  98. Do something special for my 40th birthday
  99. Take Nugget/Doo Dah out for an overnight hike
  100. Go kayaking with Geege
  101. Investigate high schools for the kids

Phew! Feel free to join me. If you do, link back to me and add your post url in my comments section so that I can come and check you out. One day I will make a button...
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